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Pennsylvania Firearm Owners Association

Last Chance to Pass Castle Doctrine!

Over the past few months you and other gun owners have rallied, emailed, called and walked the halls of our capitol in support of getting Castle Doctrine passed in Pennsylvania. You have seen the ups and the downs of this process along with some of the frustration of seeing anti-gun politicians play games to prevent it's passage and gun owners sometimes disagreeing about the best way forward.

But none of that matters right now because on Monday November 15th we have one last chance to pass Castle Doctrine, and we need your help to do it!

  • If you believe that gun owners should be able to legally defend themselves anywhere they have a right to be, we need you to tell your legislators one more time.
  • If you believe that gun owners shouldn't be sued by their criminal attackers if they are forced to defend themselves, we need you to tell your legislators one more time.

All we need you to do is email Speaker Keith McCall immediately and politely urge him to to bring House Bill 1926 up for a vote on Monday November 15th and to vote for concurrence on it. Then if you want, you may follow your email with a phone call to his office (717-783-1375) on Monday morning.

Additionally, we strongly encourage you to email your state representative immediately and also call them on Monday morning, politely urging them to support a concurrence vote on HB1926. If you are not sure who your representative is, you can use PAFOA's Politician Search Tool.

This has been a long journey with plenty of hard work, but with your help we can make it all pay off.