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Pennsylvania Firearm Owners Association

Pennsylvania's Role in McDonald

Gun owners across the country will be watching the McDonald case closely on Tuesday. Though, admittedly, the pro-liberty folks in areas with heavy gun control will likely be paying more attention to the arguments. Because Pennsylvania doesn't have the extreme gun control conditions of Chicago and we have protections under the state constitution, we're unlikely to see a direct impact from the case in the Keystone State.

However, never let it be said that Pennsylvania doesn't have a voice in the arguments before the Supreme Court on Tuesday. In fact, we're lucky to have more than 30 pro-gun lawmakers standing up for our rights in this case.

At the federal level, 15 members of our Congressional delegation signed on to a brief in support of the law-abiding citizens who would like to own a handgun in Chicago. This total includes both Senators and every member of Congress except the Philadelphia-area representatives, and those representing Pittsburgh and Erie.

Coming down to the state level, the most high profile supporter of the McDonald case is Attorney General Tom Corbett who signed a brief with more than three dozen other Attorneys General. However, it's easy to miss the state legislators who were pro-active in signing on to various briefs in favor of the plaintiffs.

Five female lawmakers joined a brief outlining the concerns of women who face state and local governments that seek to limit their right to self-protection. In addition, one Senator and 11 Representatives put their names on a general state legislator brief that points out a clear direction from the Supreme Court in favor of incorporation will better serve the states and help to secure the fundamental rights of their citizens.

So if you have time on Tuesday, take a few moments to thank the following lawmakers for standing up for our rights. I've included links to social media homes where you can publicly thank them if you have an account:


Senator Arlen Specter

Senator Bob Casey

Representative Jason Altmire

Representative Christopher Carney

Representative Charlie Dent

Representative Jim Gerlach

Representative Tim Holden

Representative Paul Kanjorski

Representative Patrick Murphy

Tim Murphy

Representative John Murtha

Representative Joe Pitts

Representative Todd Platts

Representative Bill Shuster

Representative Glenn Thompson